Aug 9, 2008

Show Up, Get Your Orders, Execute and Obey

As always, the Leadership Summit was just an awesome experience.

God always focuses in on the very areas in my life and in my heart that need to be examined.

Catherine Rohr is the founder and the leader of Prison Entrepeneurship Program. She is a thirty-one year old woman who left everything to help convicts get a second chance in life. Her continuing story is so inspiring.

I definitely encourage anyone reading this to read about her story at

Faith life is not as complicated as we make it. Catherine Rohr said that faith life really boils down to the following: show up for work, get your orders for the day, then execute and obey. And when you do that, God things happen.

I love it.

Everyday that God allows us to wake up, we are called to show up for work, get our orders for the day and then execute and obey.

Here I am God. Give me your orders. I will execute and obey.

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