Aug 21, 2008

I've Been Ruined

Several weeks ago I went to Chicago to attend the Leadership Summit. I invited one of my closest friends to attend the conference with me. He has ruined me.

You see, instead of flying commercial, he asked if it would be okay to fly up to Chicago on his private jet. I thought, "If it's okay?" Sure dude! I'll sacrifice and fly in your private jet. But that experience has ruined me.

As I was sitting for hours at Dallas Fort Worth Airport due to a mechanical problem with the plane, as I was sitting in the plane for two more hours on the tarmac due to traffic control issues, even though I get upgraded to first class due to how much I fly, it's nothing like showing up at the airport minutes before my flight and not having to deal with the security hassles, checking the baggage, waiting for baggage, and having the rental car sitting there waiting for us, I will never be the same again.

That one trip has ruined me.

God help me.

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Dick Powell said...

know the feeling bro' use to live that life with I was a corp exec but now though the calling is higher the transportation is well closer to the ground