Aug 13, 2008

Communion - A Holy Privilege

In the last two weeks, I've had the incredible privilege of serving communion to two persons who have passed on to be with Christ Himself.

What an awesome privilege it is to serve and share communion. Every time we serve communion, we get to be the arms of God extending His love and we get to be the mouth of God offering the forgiveness of sins that can only come from Christ Himself.

You know, I don't know how people handle and process death when there is no hope for resurrection.

One man, who was dying of cancer that had spread through his entire body, was in tremendous pain. But as soon as we started praying and reading scripture, there was a peace that spread through his body. I could see the muscles and joints relaxing. He shared communion with me and prayed that God take him home soon. He was ready.

I also had the privilege of sharing communion with a woman. She was barely alert. I wasn't sure if she was going to be able to participate. She had difficulty breathing. We prayed and began reading scripture. We took communion together and prayed that God take her home soon, and that God grant peace to the family here.

It was a miracle. This woman who couldn't even open her eyes, after we had taken communion, prayed, and read scripture, she had the biggest smile on her face! She opened her eyes and muttered some words. But you should have seen her smile. It looked like heaven.

What an awesome privilege it is to be able to offer and share in the promises of Jesus Christ.

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