Jul 26, 2011

Confessions of a Success Addict

It's been a funky day.

Everything is going well.
  • Had a great lunch and conversation with a friend.
  • Good staff meeting.
  • Normal day of work and preparation in the office.
  • Family is good.
  • Church is good.
  • Health is good.
  • I work with a fantastic staff and are surrounded by wonderful people.
But there's a nagging uneasiness in my soul. 

I have been at the Little Church on the Prairie for the past year and half. We are on a good trajectory, there's lots energy and exciting things happening, the ethos changes and the sense of expectation is all good. 

We are close to hiring a new director of music and we are in the process of searching for an associate pastor for young adults. And when they get here, we'll be primed and ready to do even greater ministry for the Kingdom.

The giving in this church has been fantastic considering the economic situation our country finds herself in. We are on budget even with a significant increase in our annual expenses due to the new hires. 

All these things are positive.

But there's one area that's naggingly unchanged. The attendance numbers are the same this year as they are from last year. I know it's not all about numbers. I just blogged about that the other day!!!

I know we are healthier and are in a much better place to be prepared for greater health and ministry. I know God is at work here.

I know and believe all these things. But I just wish God would work faster!!!

I want to see more happening NOW!

There I said it! 

I confess. I confess my frustration with the pace of change and growth. I know I should trust God. I know all those things, and yet I really want to see more NOW!

Lord, help me! Help me to have patience. Help me to fully rely on you and your guidance.


Already feeling better now that I've blurted it out.

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teacher_deb said...

sometimes patience is tough to do..I KNOW this..it's true for me too.