Jul 6, 2011

What About Greed? What About Gluttony? Why only Sex?

I was a gathering of pastors where the folks around the table were grumbling about the changing of our culture, and in particular about the acceptance of what was labeled as "deviant" behavior - or another way to say homosexuality. Our culture is more an more accepting of homosexuality as a norm, it was claimed, while the Bible clearly calls it sin. Where do we draw the boundary of being open to ministering to all sinners, and not being accepting of the sin itself.

There was quite a bit of energy around this topic.

I really meant to keep my mouth shut. Really. I tried very hard to just sit there. I am by far the youngest guy there, and the other seasoned pastors certainly have much more seniority and wisdom. But I couldn't stand it anymore. 

I find it highly disturbing that the American church is so quick to identify and talk about sexual sins, but is so absolutely blind to the sins of gluttony, greed, and bigotry. 

The last time I checked, my Bible tells me that God abhors all sin. 

What would happen if Presbyterian pastors really preached what the Bible said about greed and gluttony in our churches? Not just saying that gluttony and greed is bad, but really talking about how inappropriate it is for Christians to consume so much food that some are not just out of shape, but obese. That in America, diseases related to overconsumption of food is at an epic proportion - diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., and that Christians are no different than anyone else when it comes to this.

Isn't there something wrong when we can preach about sexuality more readily and easily than we can about gluttony and greed in our churches? 

As I write about this, I confess I eat too much. I like goods too much. I enjoy luxuries too much. I need to steward my body more faithfully. I could do a far better job of stewarding the material resources God has given me. 

But when can we stop talking about sexual sin as if that's the unpardonable sin?

All sin breaks the heart of God.

We are all sinners.

We all need a Savior.

We all need to change.

We all need Jesus.

We all need grace.

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deborah hollifield said...

In America, material acquisition (greed) is perceived as a virtue; and (also in America) gluttony is an unforgiveable sin. So that leaves sex, with which America is saturated right down to dressing our toddlers suggestively. Sex, though, is graded on a sliding scale -"what I do is normal, what you do is weird, and that guy over there is perverted." I think its a matter of the crooked stick that allows the "slightly bent" sticks to look straight. (I made a pun!)