Jul 22, 2011


There's a restlessness in my soul. There's a yearning. There's a hunger.....

The year has been a good year thus far. Everything is going smoothly. The church I lead is getting healthier and we are setting into place systems and the staffing that will help us to keep moving people into a deeper intimacy with God, a deeper relationships with one another, and to have go deeper into the community with the influence of Jesus Christ.

There are many good things happening.

But, there's a real yearning for more. I want more of Christ. I want more of God in my life and in the life of our community. I want to see people living with passion and purpose. I want to see lives get change. I want to see marriages get whole, single people loving Jesus and their community with abandon. I want to see the power of the resurrection lived out in a community to bring about a Spirit-filled revival.

Is it possible that we can be a part of something Biblical like that?

Why is it that we only read about such things in the Bible?

What will it take to live the Biblical narrative and have it come alive in our lifetime?

God, grant me and our church the wisdom to know how to move into your Kingdom will and purpose even more.

We love you Jesus!

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