Jul 15, 2011

G2x from T-mobile a 3 Month Review

I have been the mostly happy owner of a G2x from T-Mobile. The phone is made by LG, a Korean electronics company. LG has been introducing more phones into the American market in the last year or two.

I bought the G2x when it first came out. I have owned several phones as they first come out. For the most part, my recommendation is that folks not get the first models of brand new phones. Almost always, there are bugs that the manufacturer and the mobile carrier hasn't worked out. Not due to lack to due diligence, but because the phones are so new with that particular carrier, they didn't know about the bugs.

One of the "buggiest" phones I ever owned was the HTC HD2. That phone was a disaster. I had to go through three phones and multiple software updates to get the phone working properly. And once it was working, it was a decent phone. But there was a ton of heartache before the phone would work properly.

Having had that as my latest brand new phone experience I was weary about getting the G2x, but the specs won me over.

After three months, I am very happy to report that the G2x has been bug free. It's been working just like it's supposed to work.

So here's my three month take on the T-mobile G2x.


  • Phone is super fast. It just does what it's supposed to and it does it well. Only once in a very long while have I seen the phone lag.
  • The huge internal memory and the micro sd slot. 
  • The call quality is quite good.
  • Android market - awesome! 
  • 8m camera with flash. Been very happy with the quality of photos I have been able to take with this phone.
  • HDMI output
  • Face to Face video capability
  • Plays awesome games
  • Ability to create my own wifi hotspot
  • Battery life. If all you're doing is making phone calls and checking email several times a day, the phone may last you all day without charging. However, if you're browsing the internet, Facebooking, Tweeting, taking pics, checking out videos on the Youtube, or in other words, doing stuff people would be doing with a top end phone, I'm lucky if I can go half a day without draining the battery. Whenever I am around my computer, car charger, or home charger, I am charging the phone.
  • The phone is on the wee bit heavy side. You can notice the difference in weight when you hold it against similar phone from Samsung or the I-Phone. 
  • T-Mobile's 4G. Let's just say, I'm not impressed. when it's available, it's not half bad. But that's the problem...it's not available very much. 
  • The G2x's reception is poor. My wife has the Samsung Galaxy S from T-mobile and we can be in the same place and she gets 4G connection and mine barely has signal with 2G. And when we're inside a building? Forgetaboutit. Unless there is a wifi signal, I am down for the count.
  • The video quality is mediocre.
  • Hate that I can't take off the apps that the phones comes preloaded with. That's lame. I should be able to configure the phone the way I want to.
  • Can't change the signature on email messages. That's lame. I am not sure who's at fault, T-Mobile or LG. But whoever is responsible for both the pre-loaded apps not being able to be taken off, and not being able to change the signature...give me a break, let owners of your product personalize their phones and emails.
So there you have it. For the most part, I am a happy owner. The phone does what I expect it to do. And it just works. 

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