Jul 12, 2011


The last couple of Sundays I've been noticing a trend I don't like.

The 8:45am service goes well with lots of energy and enthusiasm, and then my energy level tanks for the 11:00am service.

I am writing this blog simply to ask for prayer.

Pray that God would minister to our folk and use me to speak his word with energy, passion, and his wisdom.

Pray that the folks who show up would be ministered to and fully inspired and encouraged to engage in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Pray that God would continue to stir up our hearts for ministry and for his glory.

Pray that God would impact this community through this church.

I commit to praying more intentionally about our services.

I confess that I have done more preparation for the sermon and less praying for the sermon. I am recognizing the need for me to pray more for our church.

So, for those of you reading this blog, please join me in praying for God's continued guidance for greater impact and influence for the Kingdom through the Little Church on the Prairie.


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