Jul 3, 2010

GA - Day 2 Cynthia Bolbach Elected as the Moderator of the 219th GA

The highlight of today was the election of the moderator. Cynthia Bolbach has been elected as the moderator of the 219th General Assembly of the PC(USA).

Yay Cindy. Cindy is one of the moderators of the Form of Government Task Force I've been serving on the for the past four years and a dear friend. She will be a wonderful, fair, and an excellent moderator of the PC(USA). We are in very capable hands for the rest of the General Assembly.

The day started out with Riverside Conversations where commissioners for the first time were invited to show up early and sign up to listen in on business they were interested in even if they were not in those particular committees. Typically, commissioners are assigned to a committee and that's pretty much the only business they really get a chance to deal with before the plenary sessions where the entire GA votes on all the business before the assembly.

The Riverside Conversations gave opportunity for folks to listen in on presentations to be better informed for the decisions they will make.

The afternoon was spent learning how to function as the General Assembly - how to get everyone's laptop connected (The GA's have gone paperless and will loan you a lap top for the duration of the assembly if you don't have one), how to vote with the wireless machines (will be posting a blog about this one later), etc.

And we closed the evening at around 11:30pm with the election of the Moderator.

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