Jul 23, 2010

Preaching/Worship - AWESOME!!!

Fridays are my days to work on my sermons.

I've been thinking about the whole sermon and worship thing. It's AWESOME!!!

Just think about this for a moment. Every week, I get to be a spokesperson for God.

Every week, God gets to connect with people who are hurting, searching, people who need to be encouraged and inspired, people who are needing God to intervene, for God to show up in their lives. And I get to be one who participates in God showing up.


What a holy privilege.

And that's the thing about worship. It's not just a thing Christians do once a week. It's the appointed time where God promises to show up and connect with people right where we are. And because God connects with us, we know that we are not alone, that there is a plan and purpose to our lives and our existence, that we are being called and gathered by a God who desires to change the world.


God is so good.

If you are reading this, get to a house of worship this weekend. Worship God and you'll never be the same.

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