Jul 27, 2010

Need a New Doctor!!!

I just got done totally wasting three hours. And I am furious!!!

I had an appointment scheduled for 2:40pm with Dr. Nathan Ross at FMG Endrocrine Consultants Northwest.

I showed a few minutes early for the appointment. Within five minutes, one of the nurses ushered me into one of the back offices. After asking me a few questions, the nurse left saying that the doctor would be in shortly.

An HOUR passed and still nothing. I walked outside to ask what was going on and they said that the doctor would be with me shortly.

Another 20 minutes passes.

By then, I had been waiting for over an HOUR and TWENTY minutes. So I asked the guy, "Does it always take an hour and 20 minutes to see you? Because if it does, I need to find a new doctor."

At which point the jerk turns around and walks out of the office. No apology. No explanation. He just walked out.


And I am supposed to pay the guy my money so I can sit around waiting for him and to be treated with disrespect like that?

I don't think so.

So, I am looking for a new endocrinologist. If you know of a good doctor, I am in the market for one.

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Anonymous said...

I was supposed to see Dr McGowen from the same place you went to I think but before I could I was diagnosed with the pancrease tumor and sent to Seattle Cancer Care. From there they hooked me up with a great endocrinologist but I have to go all the way to Seattle for my appointments which takes up most of my day. I need all my doctors at the same place and working together so I dont have much of a choice. I have heard that McGowen is fabulous though, from a lot of people! Good Luck!! You are in my prayers.