Jul 9, 2010

GA - Day 8

It has been an intense eight days thus far. Last night in particular was one of the most interesting and wonderful evenings at GA in recent memory.

This morning, I did not go to the plenary session. I did not get up at 7.

I did not realize how tired and exhausted I was. So I just chilled in the hotel room. I've been following the action on my computer and through twitter.

I am happy to report that the expected challenge to reconsider the motion taken by the GA last was defeated.

This morning's main items of business was the Middle East report. Prior to the GA committee's work with this report, it was very much a slanted report favoring the Palestinians. The committee amended the document so that it reads to make a fair compromise by recognizing Israel's right to exist and supporting the human right's efforts with the Palestinians.

That amended report was approved by the GA by a vote of 558-119.

In the big picture of things, I am so ready to go home. There's still the rest of this day and tomorrow left at GA, but I am soooo ready to be home.

That is all for now from Minneapolis. Blessings!

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