Jul 7, 2010

GA - Day 6

I had every intention of waking up at 5:00am and going to the Presbyterians for Renewal Breakfast at the GA this morning.

But slept right through the alarm. Didn't even hear it. Slept like a baby.

When I did wake up, it was already 7, so I decided to sleep some more. And am I glad I did.

I needed the break from days of non-stop meetings.

This morning, the GA takes a collective breath together while commissioners get caught up with other items of business that they will be voting on besides work from their own committees.

I took the same morning to chill out, talk with my wife, read some, tweet, email, and blog.

It's been a nice break.

The GA will convene in plenary after lunch and that's when things will start getting interesting again. This GA has somewhere around 300 items that must be acted upon.

I will be tweeting live from GA. You can follow me @jameskimlcop or you can join in on the twitter action with others at #ga219.

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