Jul 21, 2010

My Office - Where I Spend Most of My Time

Here's a couple of pics of my office. This is where I work and spend most of my days.

Blogger, Posterous, WordPress, Typepad...

So many options. So many choices.

I have been playing with the different blog hosts to see if I might change.

I like how easy Blogger is but I don't like how limiting the creative and personalization options are.

Moving to a different blog host would mean a pretty steep learning curve at the start but I think it would give me more options to personalize my blog space.

Will see.


Raventh said...

I HIGHLY recommend WordPress. Let me know if you need any help with it.

teacher_deb said...

James Alan And I want to have some of your time sometime soon!! We have so much to talk about in regaurds to our mission trip in Gutemala. Please see this article about some of the ways folks raised money for the trip. Jim Garland went with us on the trip..and we thought you could appreciate Mission moto!

James Kim said...

Joe, would love to connect with you about WordPress.

Deb, we definitely need to get together. Let's try to make some time next week. See you Sunday!