Jul 26, 2010

Kim Family Adventures at Mt Rainier

What an absolutely gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest!

The Kim family went on a picnic and hike to Mount Rainier National Park with Jee who's been visiting from San Francisco.

We went on a short hike to the foot of Narada Falls.

The mist coming off the falls was a perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day in the mountains.

The beauty of the mountains was the perfect reminder of how awesome our God is.

It makes you wonder how anyone can look at the views around this world and not see a Creator.

Fred Hoyle is a Cambridge astronomer. He says, "the possibilities of life arising spontaneously through mere chance has been calculated as being 1 x 10.40, which likens to the probabilities of a tornado blowing through a junkyard and forming a Boeing 747."

On these beautiful summer days, look around and enjoy the beauty around you.

But as you look at the beauty around you, remember the One who created it all.

And just as God created all the beauty around us, remember this: God created you. And because God loves you so much, God filled this world with everything you and I would ever need to make life full.

Have a blessed day!


teacher_deb said...

What a blessed time! I want to be done with school really soon here! I want to get out and get in on some of God's beautful weather!!

teacher_deb said...

Check out this blog..been going since April..but haven't been able to get to it much lately.