Feb 14, 2009

Daddy Loves You!

I had a wonderful conversation with my children this morning. We had an awesome Valentines' breakfast - well, the kids did. They had pancakes with whipped cream and berries and bacon, while I ate my bowl of Cheerios - where we shared our valentines with one another.

After breakfast, we all talked about my bypass surgery.

Up to this point, Helen and I have tried to downplay the serious nature of the surgery because we didn't want our children worrying more than they should. Their teachers all know and they have already been telling them that things would be okay and such so the kids know that this isn't your everyday visit to the hospital.

While we still want our children to see Helen and I walking in faith with God, we do want to prepare them for what could happen. I assured my children that I had every intention of recovering fully and being back stronger than ever. But there is always the chance that things may not go well. And should things go bad, here are the things that my children must know:
1) Daddy loves them
2) Daddy is super proud of them
3) That I will always love them and that nothing will ever change that

And no matter what happens, everything will all turn out for good because:
1) God loves us
2) God wants what's best for us
3) God knows how best to make that a reality

And you know what, these are things that every child of God needs to know - whether they are sick or not. Because knowing this makes all the difference in the world. It is because of God's faithfulness that we can face all things with joy and great expectation. It is because of God's promises that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Do you know that your Daddy loves you?

Do you know that your Daddy wants what's best for you?

Do you trust that your Daddy knows how best to make that a reality?

Then the peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding will watch over you.

Make today a wonderful day because your Daddy loves you!


DS said...

Beautifully expressed . . . and so true.

isamu said...
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Phillip said...

Pastor James,

Grace and I just heard about your up coming surgery. My father had double bypass last summer and was snorkling 2 and half months later. We will pray that the same will go for you too! Grace and I will be praying for your family and know that many people at Binnerri will be also.

Phillip & Grace

Anonymous said...


My wife is the web surfer! She found your blog and informed me of your condidition.

Wow brother! What can I say? How is Helen doing? I will definitely be praying for you brother.

Peter Kim (North Carolina: Elgin's brother)