Feb 27, 2009

The Main Question

Okay. Just for a moment, let's say that there are aliens from outer space.

If that alien from outer space were to come to Trinity Presbyterian Church to see what the church was all about, what would he/she/it learn?

If that alien were to ask the leaders what Trinity Presbyterian Church was all about, I think I can confidently say that we would answer that Trinity Presbyterian Church exists to grow new Christians and grow faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

But if that same alien were to look at how we spent our time, talents, energy, and finances, how we went about doing "ministry" and "mission" throughout the course of the week, would that alien see a connection between our vision and our practice?

I think we've made the church too complicated than necessary. I think we're doing a bunch of stuff that really isn't producing new Christians or faithful disciples. I think we're doing a bunch of stuff that is not effectively getting our vision accomplished.

The question before us is then how can we do church in such a way that our vision is consistent with how we're doing church?

We're not a terrible church. We're not even your average church. I think God's doing some great things in our midst. But, we're not yet a great church. And that's what I think God's calling our church and every church to be - a great church that's impacting the world for Jesus Christ by making new Christians, and growing every Christ-follower into a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

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