Feb 12, 2009

Day Set for Bypass Surgery - Next Tuesday

I will be going in at 5:30am on Tuesday morning for my open heart surgery next Tuesday morning.

I will go to the hospital on Monday at 11am so they can get some of the pre-op stuff done. I will spend the night at home and then head to the hospital in the morning.

My job until then is to rest, wait, and not have a heart attack.

I used to joke around telling people, "Chill out! Don't have a heart attack!" Now, those words are for real!

It's all good. Still in good spirits. God is good. Nothing will ever change that.

But I tell you what, this waiting around stuff is for the birds!

I know that there are things that God wants me to learn and see during this resting and waiting time, so I am keeping my ears and heart open to see what God wants to show me.

Thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. Keep the prayers coming.

God is good!

James <><


joon said...

I guess we all have lessons to learn, good to see that you are keeping your composure during yours. Your blog reminds me of the Psalm to be still and know that I am God as well as the time when Elijah heard God in the gentle whisper in the cave. I too am learning from this lesson. Still praying for you-Joon

Spike said...

Pastor James.

When I and Mavie learned about your current situation we activated the Prayer signal. We have Pastor Carlos and Margareth praying for you, also Mavie's mother and sister, my parents, the people in our bible study and of course ourselves.

We know that God has a bigger plan for us all, and we sometimes think so small in comparison to His plans, and I am sure you will come out of this as a bigger servant to God, you will look back on this as another big step toward God.

In the short term God's plan might look painful, but God's plan is perfect, and in our little human mind we can only realize that in the long term.

Thank you for been such an amazing tool for God.

God bless,
Bruno de Fran├ža Valli