Feb 16, 2009

Thoughts Before Surgery

I will be in surgery in less than nine hours.

Never been in surgery before. This will be a new experience - one I hope not to repeat for a long time.

Here are some things I am thinking before my bypass surgery.
1) I am at peace. Very little anxiety. I know that God is in control. Here's what that means in a very literal sense for me:
- if things go as they should, then I get healthy and everything is good.
- if things don't go as planned, then I get to be in heaven and God who loves me, who wants what's best for me and my family, and who knows how best to get that accomplished for me and my family will take care of my family.

So either way, both my family and I are covered. And since those are the only two options, I'm good with that.

2) From what I hear, the first 24 hours are going to suck. I guess I'm okay with that too. I don't necessarily like pain, but if it will mean a lifetime of health 24 hours of pretty intense pain isn't too bad. I will report back to you after the first 24 hours and tell you if I think otherwise after the actual experience.

3) I am looking forward to Easter. I don't know what it is yet, but I am pretty sure that I will have a new appreciation for Easter than ever before.

4) I am looking forward to being back at my church. I can't wait to get back and worship with my folks.

5) I am not looking forward to necessary life changes I am going to have to make. I will make them because I don't want to be lying on the operating table any time soon because of further blockage.

6) Wondering what are the things I am going to have to cut out of my life. I know that I have to add regular exercise and regular sleeping habits. So that means something else has to give so I can add the extra hours of sleep and exercise. I covet your prayers for wisdom on this one.

7) It's a lot easier saying yes to stuff than cutting stuff out.

8) It's all going to be good. Looking forward to chatting with you all after the surgery and when I'm not so loony with the drugs.


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