Feb 11, 2009

Not a very good Wait-er

I am not a very good wait-er. I know that I will have open heart surgery. I know that the first couple of weeks are going to be painful. I just want to get it over with. I would have preferred that the doctors did the surgery on me yesterday so that I was already one day into healing.

I prefer doing something - anything. At least if I already had the surgery, I would know that I am working toward feeling better. But what in the world are you supposed to be doing while you're waiting?

For reasons beyond my control - don't you hate that? things beyond our control? - I will not be in surgery until sometime next week.

In the mean time, I am told to wait. Wait.

There is a reason why God wants me to wait. There is something that God wants to show me during this season of rest.

I will learn to wait. I will read, I will pray, I will listen, and I will reflect. Don't want to miss out on what God wants to show me during these days of waiting.

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