Feb 13, 2009

My Will

Because of the upcoming open heart surgery, I gave my good lawyer friend - Charlie is both a good lawyer, and a good friend - Charlie a call to ask some questions regarding protecting my family should anything go wrong.

Since I don't have a ton of assets, there really isn't a whole lot that I would be leaving for my family, but the reason why I decided to go ahead with a will is because should something happen to both Helen and me, without a will, the courts decide what happens to my children. And that is simply not acceptable.

I've known that I should have a will for some time but just never got around to it. But because of the surgery, I decided this would be as good a time as any.

And as I began working through the will, it allowed my wife and I to have some very important and sobering discussions:
- who should get custody of our children should something happen?
- what decisions do we make for one another if we are ever in a vegetative state?
- permission to move on with life should one of us pass

Things like that. Things that aren't your typical, "How was your day?" type conversations.

It's all kind of sobering.

And the funny thing about that is it really shouldn't be. The reality is everyone of us will die at some point. And if we are smart about it, we should do everything we can to protect our loved ones.

So, if you haven't prepared a will for yourself, do your family a huge favor and get it done.

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