Sep 4, 2009

Brazil Day 3 - Evening

Hard to believe that it's only been three days in Brazil. It seems longer - not because the experience here has been negative in any way - because our days have been so full.

The time with the pastors this morning was sweet. Deb Hollifield and Kye Chung led the morning sessions. They both shared about how they were leading in their contexts.

That was followed by another wonderfully filling lunch - fejuahdah? - Brazilian black beans and pork. Very delicious.

The afternoon was sessions with pastors from the community along with pastors from Robson's church. That training session was followed up with a training and discussion session with pastors from Robson's church for the late afternoon.

By the time it was dinner time, I was pretty wiped out. But we still had a small group function to attend. I was very tempted to bug out of the small group because I was feeling "people'd out". I was ready for some personal quite time. It's interesting that I used to be an all out extrovert who craved time with other people but the older I get I need some alone time as well.

But I am glad that I went to the small group. They were discussing about the omniscience of God. It's fun to watch folks get into the discussion. All of it was in Portuguese so I didn't understand what they were saying but it was still fun to watch their animated discussions.

One of the things the small groups in Brazil made me wonder is how motivated our American counterparts would be to be a part of small groups like the ones in Brazil where they are discussing such deep theological topics.

We got back to Pastor Robson's place at around 10 and hung out talking.

Another wonderful full day.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep and another wonderful full day tomorrow.

Good night friends. Will check in with you again in the morning.

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Bruno de Fran├ža Valli said...

Very cool that you got to taste Feijoada