Sep 22, 2009

God's Voice

God's voice...

I know that God speaks through His Word, other people, through situations, through prayer, and praise.

But what does His voice sound like?

How can you know amidst the myriad of different voices and opinions and scriptural truths what God is saying?

It's so interesting how when things are hard and difficult people will tell you what God is saying. "James, if you would just do this, things would be a whole lot better."

That's wonderful that God has told you that. But then another person tells me the just the opposite. And this person too is convinced that God is speaking.

You know, when things are hard, when the team isn't performing, it's the coaches and the quarterbacks that get the brunt of it.

So when things aren't going well with the church it's the pastor who gets the brunt of the criticism. I get that. That comes with the leadership territory.

But the only thing and the only person who can lead us out of the difficult situation we find ourselves in is God. So the main question is, "What is God asking of us?" "What does His voice sound like?"

And while there are some things that may not be clear, I know of some things that are crystal clear:
- God is in control
- God has a plan and purpose for us
- God wants us to be fully committed to His ministry and mission
- God wants us to be fully engaged in His plan and purpose for the world
- God wants us to grow up and mature in the faith
- God wants us to increase His influence and impact in the community

I think if we would fully engage God in the things that we know then everything else will take care of themselves.

So what are we waiting for? Let's do this thing. Let's see God at work in our lives once again.
James <><
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