Sep 7, 2009

Brazil Day 6

Happy Independence Day Brazil!

It may be Labor Day back home in the States, but in Brazil, it's Independence Day.

We had an incredible Sunday. Deb shared her testimony in the morning at Sunday school. Then about 40 paople squeezed into a 3 bedroom 1600 squre feet apartment for lunch and had a fantastic time with each other.

And then the best part came last - the Sunday worship service in the evening. Here in Brazil, they do the Sunday School in the morning and then they have the worship service in the evening.

The praise and passion of the people gathered was palpable. We worshipped and praised for almost 3 hours and not one seemed to care or notice. It was such an incredible time of worship.

I wish our churches in the States could have just experienced something like that. It's impossible to describe. You just have to experience it for yourself.

Today we are off to a picnic with the church to celebrate Independence Day. It's been incredibly hectic since I've been here so I am looking forward to a ralaxing day.

I am missing my wife and kiddos like crazy today.

Have a great day everyone!

James <><
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