Sep 9, 2009

Brazil - Day 8

Will be going back home today.

It's been an incredibly long and frustrating evening.

Last night my son (4 years old) began complaining about a pain behind his ear. When my wife checked it there was a growth (a couple of inches long and about an inch wide).

When we called the doctor, they wanted her to take Kaleb to the Children's Hospital. Kaleb and Helen's been at the hospital all night running tests and exams.

They have determined that the infection is not internal as it was in January but only on the surface. So they are sending him home with antibiotics.

This is the first time when I have been out of the country when one of my children or family member has been sick. It's very frustrating because you are totally helpless. There's nothing you can do. You can't even be with them to comfort them. That was the hardest part of being in Brazil last night.

Even if I were with them back home, there's still not a darn thing I could do to help my child, but I can at least be with him to comfort him and pray with him. But from Brazil all I could do was to pray for him from a distance.

I am looking forward to being home to be with the family.

Pray that the travels go smoothly.

See you at home soon.

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