Sep 1, 2009

On my way to Brazil

Waiting at the airport lounge in Miami as they keep delaying the departure of mu flight to Belo Horizonte.

There are lots of families with small children in the waiting area. I am praying that they will sleep through the night or it could be a very long 10 hour flight to Brazil.

It's fun to see people on these red eyes - everyone looks so happy - NOT!

It's all good.

Looking forward to being with Pastor Robson and his family and his church. Looking forward to seeing what God will show me through the brothers and sisters in Brazil.

Will keep you posted.

Next time, I will be blogging from Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

James <><
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Bruno de Fran├ža said...

Hello Pastor James

Very cool that you got to Brazil right now. Ia calculating from the time of this black entry.

Hope you have a lot of fun in the BH church. Hope the Holy Spirit can show you something brand new.

God has been doing amazing things in my life and my wife's, we are growing each and every day.

God bless your brother in Christ,