Sep 8, 2009

Brazil - Day 7

This is the last full day in Brazil. I am so ready to see my family. I miss them very much. I have been thinking of them and missing them more and more everyday.

At the same time there is a sadness in my heart because I will miss the people and friends I have made in Belo Horizonte. We experienced God, worshiped, and dreamed together about what God can do through our lives and those memories and hopes have forever knit our lives together.

The thing is - whether we are in Brazil or just going through the routine of our life in our homes, when we open our eyes and avail ourselves to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, the opportunities for experiencing God together with people are all around us.

May you experience the miracle of God's presence and the thrill of being used by Him on this day.

Be an instrument of God today!

James <><
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