Sep 24, 2009

Wanting to Be a Godly Leader

Stan Ott asks an interesting question.

"When a situation you must contend with arises, what are your first thoughts? Are you immediately "solutional" considering alternate courses of action or are you first "devotional" immediately lifting your eyes to God?"

I know that I should answer this question by saying that my first gut instinct is to turn to God and ask for His guidance and direction. But the truth is that my first gut reaction as a type A leader is to immediately consider the different ways to tackle the problem and seek out solutions.

I don't want to discount the reality that God uses human agents to accomplish His will. I know that that is how God operates. However, God's leaders should act out of obedience to God and under God's direction and not just by their own merit and skills.

Because when we act out of our ability, we end up accomplishing only what we are able to accomplish - and that really isn't that much. And the problem with this is that what we do is then not that different than what any other human institution is able to accomplish.

And the church really should be more than what human beings are able to accomplish on their own.

Because, when we turn to God and act in accordance to His will and with God's guidance, we are able to be a part of something that only God can do.

And, that's pretty special. That's what changes the world.

I know that my default mode is to be "solutional". And that's a problem if I want to be a Godly leader.

I am determined to be more "devotional" in my leadership.

I will work on my gut reaction to be asking God's guidance and direction.

How about you?
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