Sep 2, 2009

Brazil - Day One

We had a full day today - and I mean full in a very literal sense. I haven't been hungry since I arrived in this country. They have been feeding us like crazy. The food has been excellent and the fellowship and conversations have even been better.

We arrived from the US at 9:00am after a red eye. It took about an hour to go through customs and passport control.

There is a huge scare with the swine flu. We are taking our precautions by washing our hands and staying away from people who seem to be sick.

We spent the morning and afternoon catching up, showering, and taking naps. The evening was full with more food and fellowship.

There was a big soccer match on tv so we gathered at a local pub with a bunch of folks from church to watch the soccer game.

I don't think there you can get more authentically Brazilian than hanging out with a bunch of Brazilian folk watching a soccer game in one of their pubs.

It's been a full day and we have another full day on tap for tomorrow.

Looking forward to a good night's rest.

Thank you God for a great day!

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