Sep 17, 2009

The Church Being the Church

I gotta brag on what God is doing at Trinity.

This past Sunday, Mike approached me and asked me to pray for him because a part of his roof had collapsed. And to make matters worse, we've been getting a steady dose of rain for days now with no end in sight. I promised him that I would join him in prayer.

But what I didn't know was that God would mobilize people at church on this particular Sunday morning to be the church.

When Janet heard about Mike's plight, she talked with her husband, Miguel, Larry about the situation. And before you knew it, guys sprang into action - Dennis, Larry, Daniel, John, Ron, Stephen (man I hope I'm not forgetting anyone) - and they got together, got on the roof and got the job done!

That's the church being the church - doing something together something that none of us could have accomplished on our own.

That's how God works. God always uses people. And this past weekend, our guys became God's instrument for His work.

That's awesome!

Way to go God!

Way to go Trinity!

It's moments like this when it feels good to be a Christian.

And I pray that this is just the beginning. Because we will all have a time when we're going to need for God to act on our behalf. And it's good to know that God will be there for us too through His church.

Thanks be to God!!!
James <><
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Laura said...

Found you via Google and I'm glad I did. That is an excellent example of being church--a topic that's been on my mind of late. The spontaneity and intersection with ordinary life is, I think, what Jesus intends us to be.

Thank you for sharing it.