Mar 23, 2010

Are We As Passionate about Jesus as We Are About Health Care Reform?

It's been interesting, fun, frustrating, encouraging reading the opinions of folks regarding the National Health Care Reform debate on Facebook and Twitter.

Regardless of where one stands on this issue, everyone seemed to have an opinion and very few seemed shy about sharing it.

Christians on both sides have been just as engaged in the dialogue as anyone.

Here's the thing - it's good that we have opinions on things. It's good that people are passionate.

But when's the last time the Christian community was as vocal, articulate, passionate, and clear about proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ?

Regardless of what the Democrats or the Republicans, or President Obama does, God is still in control.

Regardless of what happens in the life of politics, people will always need Jesus. And the reality is that more and more of our friends, neighbors, and family do not have a clue to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And as I've been reading the comments on Facebook and Twitter from Christians regarding Health Care Reform, I couldn't but help but wish that we Christians could be as and even more passionate about the incredible news of a God who loves us enough to bear the cross of Calvary, descend into hell, and overcome death for us.

I know we can do it. Because I've been reading incredibly clear, passionate, and articulate views about Health Care Reform. Let's take that same passion, same clarity, same urgency about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Now, wouldn't that be something?
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