Mar 18, 2010

Introductions at Olympia Presbytery

A great day at the presbytery.

Those words typically don't go together - "great day" and "at the presbytery". But for today, that's exactly what it was.

A gang of about a dozen people made the 90 mile drive down to the presbyterian church in Kelso for my introduction to Olympia Presbytery.

Joan Frasier delivered an inspiring speech to introduce me to the presbytery. I was so encouraged and inspired by her words. Her words made me want to get on board and start doing stuff for Jesus!

I know that many others had wanted to make the trip but weren't able. And I know that many were praying for me this afternoon.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

God has a reason for bringing us together at this time. God will change and impact lives. God will bless our community. You have a role to play in God's kingdom. So let's get busy with the ministry and the mission of Jesus Christ through the Little Church on the Prairie!!!

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