Mar 10, 2010

Growing Up

The saying goes, "Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is a choice."

The days where the church could keep on keeping on because people just showed up are long gone. Who knows, they may have never existed.

But what is absolutely true for the church of today is that it is not enough for Christians to just show up to church - Christians must grow up.

God doesn't call Christians to merely show up and remain babies in their spiritual maturity and commitments. God calls Christians to grow up in their faith.

So the question is, "What does a maturing Christian look like?" What are they doing? What are some common traits about maturing Christians?

While the following traits/habits does not mean that these things equals a mature Christian, the reverse is absolutely true: one cannot be a maturing Christian who is not regularly practicing these things.
1) Commitment to regular worship
2) Commitment to daily reading of the Bible
3) Commitment to regular prayer
4) Commitment to regular Bible Study
5) Commitment to service
6) Commitment to tithing financially

Or put another way, a maturing Christian is a Christian who is worshiping, giving, serving, and committed to a devotional life.

So which of these elements do you need to improve so that you can be a part of the greatest thing on earth called the church of Jesus Christ to impact the world around you?

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