Mar 31, 2010

Change of Plans

Who knew???

When I checked the weather forecast for Yellowstone, the highs were in the low 30s and lows were in the single digits. The park is open but most of the attractions, all of the park centers and restaurants are closed because the park is still covered in snow.

And since all of our winter heavy coats have now been packed away by the movers - ooops! - we have a change of plans.

I was going to take my kids to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore on our way to move the family up to the Pacific Northwest. But, I didn't know it was still stinking that cold! Who knew???

It's never that cold in Texas in April!!!

So, we have had to make some changes.

Instead of going up north, we are now going to go to San Francisco, The Redwood National Park, and then drive up on 101 all the way into Washington and see the sites along the way.

We're still going to have a blast and we're still going to get to see some awesome sites.

So it's all good.

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