Mar 6, 2010

Family Time

Spent a full day with the family for the first time in 6 weeks. Been away from the wife and kiddos as they've been in Dallas while I've been working at the Little Church in Lakewood, WA.

Being by myself was "fun" and novel for about a week and then it got really old very quickly. The only good thing about being away like this is that it reminds you of how much you love each other.

I arrived in Dallas after being at the Reforming Ministries meeting at Austin Theological Seminary from Monday to Wednesday, and then from the Board meeting of Presbyterians for Renewal in Edmond, Oklahoma Wednesday to Saturday.

It's been a busy and full week. There were days when I wasn't sure what day of the week it was or even what city I was in.

But the best part of the week has been today. I arrived in Dallas at noon and have been hanging out with my family all day. I've missed being with them soooooo much. We haven't done anything out of the ordinary. It's been an absolutely beautiful normal day:
- lunch
- a family walk around the park
- piano lessons
- trip to the library
- dinner at home
- video games with the little man

Man! I have missed being with my family.
It just feels good to be a whole family unit again.

I get to hang with the family until Monday night. I will be catching the last flight to Seattle. Til' then, I plan on doing a whole lot more of normal family stuff with my family.

The end is in sight.

Helen will be coming up to Lakewood soon to look for houses.

And we will be moving the family in the first week of April. It will be great to have everyone together again on a permanent basis.

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