Mar 21, 2010

Thank you God!

Helen and I had one week to find a house. We were not able to find a house to buy. There wasn't a house where we felt like was "our" house. While I hate the thought of having to move twice, the thought of being stuck with a house we don't like is even worse.

Whether we found a house here or not, we are still closing on the house in Texas on March 31 and the movers are coming that day to pack up our house. We needed to find something for our family.

Helen and I were trying to figure out what to do on Friday afternoon when we received an e-mail from a couple who are renting their home. Helen and I had sent some emails to people who were renting out their homes and this couple emailed us. We went and checked out the house, and while it's a bit smaller than we had hoped, it's a perfect house for us to rent.
- it's only 3 miles from church
- it's in a good neighborhood
- it's in a good school district
- it's a very clean house
- the land owners are Christians

God led us to this home. This gives us the time to find a home to purchase.

God's awesome like that. I have every confidence that we will find just the right house in time.

For now, we have a place where the Kim family can call home. And for that we say, "Thank you Lord!"
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