Mar 17, 2010

House Hunting - To Panic or Not Panic

It's Wednesday evening. We've got two days left to find a house, and tomorrow I have to be at a Presbytery meeting in Kelso, Washington because I am being introduced to the presbytery. That means there's really only Friday left.

Ok. There is a small part of me that's wanting to panic. We are closing on the house on April 2 and we've got to move the family up here whether we have a house ready or not. By the end of this week, Helen and I have to either have a rental or a house that we are going to move into.

Right about now, panic seems about right.

But here's the thing: panic won't do me any good. Helen and I have to keep our heads so we can make a good decision. But more important than that is the confidence that God already has the perfect house picked out for us. Helen and I have to wait until God makes that clear for us. And the timing will be perfect too. I know that this will all work out the way God wants it to work out. So, there's no use panicking.

That's the good thing about having a God like my God as your God. He's gonna hook me up.

Now. I've got to get some work done cuz I've been running around all over town the last two days looking at houses.

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