Mar 16, 2010

Shutter Island - Well Worth Your Time

My wife and I saw "Shutter Island" tonight. I am about 3/4 of the way finished with the book and was curious about the movie because it has been getting some good reviews.

Without spoiling the ending of the movie or the book, I can tell you that both the book and the movie is well worth your time. It will keep you guessing and wondering all the way to the end, and even beyond that. The movie and the book is entertaining because of the excellent story line. The movie is a pleasure to watch because it is brilliantly acted. Scorsese did a marvelous job of adapting the book.

This is one of the better movies I've seen in a while. You won't be disappointed.

I was a little weary of the movie being too violent or gruesome because of the trailers I'd seen, but am happy to report that with the exception of the flash back war footage of the concentration camp, the trailer showed pretty much the scariest scenes.

What sells this movie and keeps you entertained throughout is the story. And that's a real treat when movie makers today seem to think that what sells movies is CG, sex, violence, and mind numbing special effects. I appreciate a well told intelligent story that keeps you guessing.

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