Mar 29, 2010

It's Not How Long You Live, It's How Much Life You Live

Brandon just turned eleven before the tumor that he's been battling since he was four finally took his life.

This past week, I attended three memorial services. As a pastor, I have the privilege of being with folks both at the very beginning of life and as people draw their last few breaths.

I've been thinking about the events of the past week and I can't help but wonder how anyone could think that life is only about what happens here in this world for the few years of our existence. How can people not see that God created us with a soul that's supposed to live forever.

How could we possibly think that there was no life until that baby breaks the threshold of mommy's body? That life didn't start for that baby until she was born?

And how could it be that a person who was living and breathing could, just like that, in moments be gone forever? As if there is no soul and no eternal life?

Is that what life is? Merely the days and years we spend breathing and living in this world?

We know in our gut that there is more because God created every single person with a soul. The body we live in now is only a temporary structure. Our souls live on forever - either in the presence of God or forever apart from Him.

Here's what Brandon taught me this week. That life is not about how long you live - but all about how much life you live. Brandon might have only lived for 11 years, but that boy truly lived. He lived for more than himself. He lived to make a difference. He impacted lives wherever and whenever he was. And now, because Jesus is his Lord and Savior, Brandon continues to live forever more in the presence of God.

Brandon, I never got to know you in person. But hearing your stories inspired me. And even though you may not be here on planet earth, you still go on impacting lives through Christ's story in you.

Looking forward to the day when I will see you again. And the next time, we'll have all of eternity.

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