Apr 21, 2010

HTC HD2 - One Month Review

I have been living with the HTC HD2 now for a month.

Either I have a lemon or this phone is one of the worst phones I've ever owned. T-mobile is sending me a new phone and I will let you know if that fixes the problems I have been having or if this is just a problem with all the phones.


  • The phone freezes for no reason - NO REASON. It just stops working. It just freezes. The only way I can fix it is to take the battery out. T-mobile tech had me do a hard reset - erasing everything on the phone - but that still has not fixed the problem. I am having to do a hard reset about once a day. That is totally unacceptable. T-movile is sending me a different phone, but I have to pay for shipping!!! Thanks a lot for a lousy phone.
  • The phone pauses for no reason. When I am texting, emailing, tweeting, or updating on Facebook, the phone just takes a breather for about ten seconds. It just stops working. I can't type, I can't switch programs. It just takes a breather by itself. And then when it feels like working again, it starts to work. Again, I don't know if that's the phones in general or just my phone. I will know when the new phone arrives.
These issues are TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for T-MOBILE's signature phone. T-mobile has been terrible in their phone selection and for the first time for ever T-Mobile has a phone to talk about and the thing just stinks to royal heaven.

If you are thinking about the HTC HD2, don't. Wait for either the new i-phone or until HTC and T-Mobile can fix all the bugs on this phone.

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