Apr 12, 2010

Travel Day 7 - Made it!!!

We drove into Washington yesterday at around 4:30pm. We made it into Federal Way around 7:30. It was so good to finally be home.

Our kids did incredible in the car. Never once did they complain about driving. There were however about 5,675 "Are we there yet?" from the little man. But, that was to be expected.

Every time he asked me, "Are we there yet?" I would always answer with, "Yes, son. We are there. Wherever we are, there we are." And yet, the boy kept asking. I don't know why.

We had a fantastic time as a family.

We had an unexpected and unplanned visit with the grandparents in Southern Cal - and even got to spend two birthdays - my mom's (April 7) and Kaleb's (April 8) together.

The drive through the wine country, the coast, the Redwoods, the river gorge, Oregon, and Washington was simply stunning. I visited these places as a kid, but I didn't appreciate them the way I did this time around. I've been all over the world, and I can honestly say that the coastline of California, Oregon, and Washington is some of the prettiest territories in all of God's creation.

Now, we have to find a home for our family. My uncle and aunt have graciously opened up their home for us to stay, but we really need a place to call home for ourselves or it will constantly feel like we're living out of our suitcases - cuz we really are living out of our suitcases.

So your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for following the blogs and keeping us in your prayers!

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