Apr 9, 2010

Travel Day 4

Made it to San Francisco.

Had a later start out of LA than we were planning but it's all good. We met up with one of my aunts and then had lunch with Helen's parents. We finally left LA at 1pm to only hit LA traffic on the I-5. Only in LA will you hit bumper to bumper traffic on Thursday at 1pm even though there were no accidents or hazards on the highway.

We drove into San Francisco around 8pm.

We met up with one of our good friends, Jee, at the mission district for dinner. But we had to have a change of plans - I am driving a Suburban while towing a trailer - driving into the heart of the mission district in downtown San Francisco. Good luck! I tried finding parking but it was impossible. I couldn't imagine trying to parallel park the Suburban with the trailer in downtown San Francisco.

Jee met us as the hotel. We had quite an adventure at the hotel as well. Most of these downtown hotels have parking garages but they were not thinking of Texans who drive Suburbans with trailers in the back. Had a heck of a time finding parking for the Suburban and the trailer. With some mad dog parking skills and some luck, I was able to find parking.

We then took the kids out with Jee for some awesome Mexican in the Mission district.

All in all, quite a full day.

We are planning on visiting Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow before heading up to Red Woods National Park.

Well. That about does it for the Kim's for today.

Good night and God bless!

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