Apr 28, 2010

What's Up With the House in Federal Way?

So what's the deal with the rental in Federal Way? That's so far? I thought we were going to have a pastor who lived in the area?

I know. I've been hearing these concerns too.

First of all, I want to say "Thank you." That you care about where my family might live just shows that you care about the ministry at the Little Church on the Prairie and about my family. So thank you.

For every email or phone call I receive about a certain topic, I know that each of those emails and phone calls represent at least a dozen people who are talking about the same things but don't take the time to call or email me. This tells me that there are enough folks talking about the housing situation that I want to take the time to address you directly.

Just because we are renting in Federal Way and not in Dupont or University Place or Lakewood, does not mean that I will cease to be an effective pastor. I will not forego a pastoral call or visit just because now it's going to take me 25-30 minutes to drive instead of 15-20 minutes. Those few minutes difference will not impact the ministry here. I will be just as accessible for pastoral calls from Federal Way as I would have been from anywhere else. I dare you to try it. Call me. I will be there.

The reason why we are renting in Federal Way is very simple. It's going to save us $500-$600 per month. We will be renting a 3200 square feet home with the space needed for a family of 6, and the price for this rental is at least $500-$600 cheaper than anything comparable we found in this area.

When Helen and I sold our home, we lost all our equity and down payment from our house in Texas. We are starting from scratch. Saving money will give us the opportunity to start building up the down payment so that we can buy a house in the future.

So that's what's up with the house in Federal Way.

God's ministry will continue to take place at the Little Church. People will still be visited and your pastor will be accessible as he's ever been.

God is doing some awesome things here. God's brought the Kim family into the life of the Little Church on the Prairie for a reason. I look forward to many years of fruitful ministry for Jesus Christ with you.

Blessings from your "Accessible" pastor who happens to rent a house in Federal Way to save money for a downpayment for his future home pastor...

James <><

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