Apr 7, 2010

Travel Day 2

Wow! Can you say misery???

Not because the kids were going nuts - they were great.

Not because we had car troubles - the car was great.

Not because the driving conditions were bad - the weather was beautiful all day.

Gee...the more I write, the more I am wondering why I'm complaining.

Ok. So let's start over.

The drive was long, and the last five hours of a 15 hour drive day seemed to last forever, but besides that, it was an awesome day.

We made the drive to Seal Beach, CA. While driving out to the bay area, the family took a vote and we all decided to surprise grandma for her birthday (today) and spend the day with her. So, we added a few hours to our drive and drove like crazy to LA.

We finally arrived at 1am PST which is 3am Dallas time. We drove for 15 hours with only about a total of 45 minute breaks for fuel and for potty breaks.

After exactly 3,593 "Are we there yet?" from little man, four movies, and lots of "bottle of Coke on the wall" singing, we made it to Southern Cal.

We're going to hang out with grandma and grandpa for the day - doing whatever grandma wants to do for her birthday. Then we're going to hit the road again tomorrow for San Francisco.

Will post pics from the day later on Facebook and Twitter.


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