Apr 15, 2010

Why We Meet

Because I am a pastor, I go to my share of church meetings. The church of Jesus Christ is one of the few institutions on earth that exists for those who are not yet members.

This is something that church folks tend to forget.

If our purpose is to please and meet the needs of our current members only, the church ceases to be the church. It could be a club or many other institutions that people join, but it could not be the church of Jesus Christ.

If an unchurched person happened to walk into one of or church committee meetings and hear what we were discussing, would they even have a clue that the church existed for them? Would they be so pumped up and inspired by what God was up to in their community to bring about transformation and renewal that they would jump at the opportunity to be a part of something that was actually making a difference in the world?

Or would they be so turned off by what and how we were discussing and fighting that it would only confirm that the church is totally irrelevant and they should continue to stay away?

Everything we do and everything we are has to be about growing new Christians and growing faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. And this emphasis must be the focus of why we do what we do in every single one of or meetings. Otherwise we will find ourselves discussing things that don't make any difference to both the unchurched and to the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Of course, there has too be some routine and household discussions about making sure that we have toilet paper and soap in the bathrooms, and coffee and donuts in the fellowship hall. But that can't be all we talk about. That cannot be why Jesus bore the cross and descended into hell to rise again.

I pray that we would be a church that never forgets why we exist.

The Little Church on the Prairie exits to grow new Christians and to grow faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

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