Oct 11, 2009

The church - We are Such Lovely Ugly People

I have never met such lovely ugly people as I have in the church of Jesus Christ.

On the one hand we are the loveliest bunch of people I know. Who else can love and dispense grace and understanding as the church of Jesus Christ? Who else can love on people, feed people, and help people as the church of Jesus Christ? There are few things more glorious than to see the church in action.

At the same time, the same churches and often the same people can be so ugly. Who else can gossip, judge, and slander people as the church? Who else can disparage, discouraging, discriminate, and hate as the church of Jesus Christ? There are few things uglier than seeing the church seething with gossip and negativity.

And I so wish it were not the case.

But the problem is me. Because this is me.

And it is the me's who make up the church.

God, help us to be less of me, and more of You. Because that's the only hope that we have of moving away from being so much like me and becoming so much like You.

God, help your church from me.

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