Oct 19, 2009

General Assembly Declares Bicycle Riding Dangerous to Christian Faith

The minutes of the 1896 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church note: "Sunday bicycle pleasure riding; an alarming laxity of sentiment among many who profess and call themselves Christians, in reference to the binding obligation of the Fourth Commandment...is foreign to the Scriptural standard of holy living, and subversive of true Sabbath rest."

This was the report of the Special Committee on Sabbath Observance that was received and approved by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1896.

I am all for keeping the Lord's day the Lord's way. I am all for worshiping and honoring God on the Sabbath day. But saying declaring bicycle riding a desecration of the Sabbath day?!?!?!

Now, we may look at this and chuckle, but I wonder how many traditions and cultural beliefs we hold onto today that hinders the church from being the church.

Are we willing to change the way we worship? When we worship? How loud we worship?

Or do we insist that others worship God the way we've always done church?

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