Oct 29, 2009

This is My Body Broken for You

On the night Jesus was betrayed, he gathered with his disciples and broke bread with them saying, "This is my body, broken for you." And after they had finished eating, Jesus took the cup and poured out the wine, saying, "This is the blood of the new covenant, poured out for you."

How did Jesus do it?

I don't understand. Jesus knew better than anyone who he was breaking bread with. In the matter of few hours:
  • Judas would betray Jesus for thirty silver coins
  • Peter vehemently denied ever knowing Jesus
  • all the rest of the disciples would desert Jesus
And Jesus knew all this! He knew all this and yet, still broke bread with them!

I don't know about you, but the people who betray me, deny me, and desert me are the last people I want to eat with. But Jesus did it anyways.

But more than that, Jesus ate with them knowing what the breaking of the bread would mean for him. Jesus broke bread with them knowing that it was his body that would be broken, his blood that would be shed for them!

I don't understand such love. It confounds me. It frightens me. It renews me.

All I can do is to stand in awe of Jesus. All I can do is to be challenged by the love of Jesus. Such love inspires me to desire to be more like Jesus.

Thank you Jesus!!!

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