Oct 1, 2009

Is the Way We're Doing God's Work Destroying the Work God is Doing in Us?

Evangelical Christianity has got it right. We believe all the right things about who God is, who Jesus is, and what the Bible teaches.

That's not the problem.

The problem is in the way so many of us evangelical Christians go about doing God's work.

Where is the grace?

Where is the mercy?

Where is the tact?

Where is the wisdom?

There is so much venom and vitriol hatred toward the very people needing grace, forgiveness, and mercy.

Now, granted, not all evangelical Christianity nor all evangelical Christians are that way. And thank God for that.

But the problem is that the very things that the unchurched and the non-Christians are saying why they don't like the institutional church is the very way in which so many evangelical Christians and churches behave.

The way we are doing God's work is destroying the work that God is trying to do in and through us.

Friends, we've got to get better at proclaiming the truths we hold so dear in a way and a manner that does not betray Jesus Christ.

Our attitudes, our behaviors, our prejudices say so much more than the utterances of right theology.

I long for the day when our churches can both live and speak the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that is received by the very people who need Jesus Christ as good news.
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