Oct 12, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

I love this picture.

That's JFK Jr playing in the Whitehouse.

Time magazine says that JFK Jr was 2 years old when this picture was taken.

The only thing that this 2 year-old boy knows and cares about is that this is his daddy, and this is his daddy's office. And because this is his daddy, he has every right to be right where he is.

The child has no idea of the significance of the place which he is playing on, that his daddy happens to be the president of the most powerful nation on earth, or that the some of the most important decisions ever made for America were made right where he's playing.

But that's the thing I love about this picture. It reminds me of who my Daddy is. It reminds me that there are too many days when I allow myself to become so overwhelmed and impressed by the things that is happening around me that I forget who my Daddy is. And when I get overwhelmed and impressed by my problems, I get depressed because I don't see any way out. But that's because I forget who my Daddy is.

We are loved by a God who is limitless in power and ability. Our God is more than able to do more that we could ever imagine or hope for. And if this God is for us, friends, who or what can stand against us?

We sometimes hear people joking when they ask, "Who's your daddy?"

Well, actually, I think that's one of the best questions I've heard in a while.

So friends, who's your Daddy?

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